Choose Your Parents Website

Jeff is an entrepreneur with a million creative ideas. Here is one that has become a reality. This is the site for anyone who wants to fill a gap left by a lost child or parent or yearns for a different type of family relationship than the one they have. The design process was a true collaboration and we are both very happy with the results. Check out Jeff’s other ideas here: Jeff’s Ideas & Inventions

“I was so lucky to find a web designer that started as an artist. I have looked for a web designer who truly understood what simplicity in design really means and I was so pleasantly surprised when I found his site and looked through his portfolio. Go ahead and look for yourself, you’ll see what I mean. David built a very unique site for me that has a couple of moving parts that he needed to learn on the fly. He did just that and was able to get every piece working perfectly in just a few weeks. I love my site and will only use David going forward for other projects and will recommend him from the mountain top. Thanks for everything you’ve done to make my site beautiful, David.”

– Jeff Williams